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Mutual Fund Portfolio Advisory Services
Invest in Mutual Funds to Buy Home  Retirement Planning  Child Education Planning

Typically, you approach an investment agent or firm when you’ve made your mind to invest in mutual funds.
Are you able to find out if your mutual fund portfolio is geared to nurture 'your' financial goals?
Are you able to find out how to deal with non-performing funds?
Would you like to fly blind through your investments? Then why take a huge risk on such an important financial investment?
You can get the health of your portfolio checked and fixed by our experts.

What do I get from this service?

  • A detailed report that analyse your portfolio and provides unbiased recommendations
  • Full health check of your mutual fund portfolio to provide the right mix of recommendations prepared exclusively for you
  • A varied scope of recommendations that include evaluating each of your mutual fund holdings and SIP’s coupled with fresh investment advice to meet your investment objective
  • Actionable guidance that consider your risk appetite and investment time horizon
  • Analysis of your portfolio concentration based on category-wise holding and risk analysis
  • A broad range of mutual fund advice spread across Equity, Hybrid and Debt
  • A family-oriented approach to build your portfolio. A simplified report explanation provided through phone/email or skype by an expert who handles all queries before finalization

Who is this service for?

Whether you are starting a family with some major milestones planned or a retiree looking to draw income from investments, it’s an apt decision to invest in mutual funds, provided you know what you are doing. Our highly acclaimed Mutual Fund Portfolio Advisory Service is meant for you if you belong to any of the following categories:
  • Someone with an established portfolio seeking better performance
  • One who is not sure about his/her existing mutual fund portfolio
  • Someone who is new to mutual funds and is looking to build a robust portfolio
  • People who want to invest according to their risk appetite, so that market fluctuations don’t affect much.
  • Savvy investors who need reassuring and customized expert advice for their portfolio

How do I benefit from expert guidance?

Remember that while mutual funds diversify your investments, you still need to be extremely careful while making your picks. Whatever be your choice of mutual funds, a combination of both, the risks associated with these markets remains there.
Whether your portfolio should be heavyweight on equities or debt or should you look at only hybrid funds?
Small cap, mid-cap or large cap: which kind of equity mutual fund should you opt for?
Sounds Complicated?
Here’s where you need an expert:

Equity and debt funds are sensitive to macroeconomic factors. Events taking place in local and international economies, currency and interest rate fluctuations, inflation and the performance of a company/sector are some of the factors that impact stock prices and debt indices.
Do you have the time and expertise to analyse these trends for individual companies regularly?
Are you informed about the liquidity risks involved in the fund you have invested in?
Do you actively track emerging interest rates which play a huge role in the volatility of debt funds?
Unless you are a fund manager or investment expert yourself, it is humanly impossible to multi-task so much while juggling your existing career and family. This is where we come in.
Mutual Fund research & advisory is the core of our business. Our team of experts does the work mentioned above and present it to you in a simplified language, along with customized advice to make your portfolio more efficient in terms of your goals.

Our Process

  • A detailed, review report is delivered.
  • A fully simplified explanation of this review report
  • All queries addressed during the call
  • If necessary, execution guide is provided by our team of experts
Every mutual fund we review passes through these stringent analytics:

  • A deep study of the mutual fund house’s investment process and philosophy
  • A microscopic analysis of its long-term performance across market cycles
  • A review of the fund manager’s long-term performance and his overall work experience
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